Legendary sports-entertainer Hulk Hogan accidentally broke his long-running streak of fabrication and confabulation by making a grand claim about his career that, remarkably, turned out to be true. 

“Dude, I am the first and only pro wrestler to ever appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated, brother,” boasted Hogan (real name Terri Balboa) during a recent fabulism session on the Joe Rogan Experience. 

As a well-known teller of tall tales, Hogan seemed surprised himself when one of Rogan’s fact-checkers verified the claim as true. 

Longtime fans of professional wrestling are wary of Hogan’s many unbelievable claims, including: 

  • Hogan often claims he wrestled 520 days a year, twice on Sundays, thrice on Tuesdays, and seven times every full moon
  • Hogan claims the TV show Thunder in Paradise won three Emmys and a Pulitzer
  • Hogan claims he was asked to play bass for The Rolling Stones and Queen
  • Hogan says he invented the battle royal, the Hell in a Cell concept, and the iPhone
  • Hogan said a crowd of “93 million” at “The Pontiac Supersilverdome” watched him slam Andre the Giant, who weighed 3.7 metric tons at the time
  • Hogan claims to be “100 percent American-Made,” but he was actually born in Toronto and got his break in wrestling after writing an essay for the Toronto Sun newspaper that earned him free wrestling training under Ron Hutchison
  • Hogan claims his daughter Brooke is a good singer 
  • Hogan often says he portrayed the Mr. America character in WWE, but that was obviously Dan Spivey




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