Hogan lawsuit
Hulk Hogan (right, in tutu) says Mr. Nanny was never intended to be seen by wide audiences.

Fresh off his victory in a lawsuit against Gawker for posting an illicit sextape, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is seeking $115 million in “emotional damages” against the TBS network, which recently aired his 1993 cinematic flop Mr. Nanny.

Hogan filed legal papers today alleging that the tape of Mr. Nanny was never intended to be seen by wide audiences, as it features him in a tutu and other embarrassing situations.

“That tape has no business airing on television,” Hogan told reporters outside the Los Angeles District Courthouse.

Added Hogan: “Brother.”

If Hogan wins the lawsuit, it may set a precedent that would prevent any of his movies from airing on TV, since all portray Hogan’s acting abilities in a negative and embarrassing light.

When asked whether he would pursue similar legal action to prevent re-runs of his TV action-drama Thunder in Paradise, Hogan denied such a show ever existed.