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Hulk Hogan said Gawker’s publication of a sextape hurt his pride, and he couldn’t let it slide.

Having just won a $115 million lawsuit against Gawker for posting a sextape, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan told reporters that “it has stopped crashing down” and it “no longer hurts inside.”

When the gossip news website first published the illicit video depicting Hogan having intimate relations, Hogan said it hurt his friends — and hurt his pride.

“I had to be a man,” Hogan said, explaining why he launched the lawsuit, “and I couldn’t let it slide.”

Throughout the trial, Hogan insisted that he feels strong about right and wrong, and was thus unable to take such trouble for very long.

Hogan says he was not merely seeking monetary gain from the lawsuit, but rather fighting “for the rights of every man” who is betrayed by tabloid journalism.

“Sometimes you have to fight for what’s right — even fight for your life,” Hogan said.

After winning the case, Hogan immediately treated the packed courtroom to a 10-minute posedown, theatrically cupping his hand to his ear to elicit loud cheering.


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