Hijack impact wrestling
The “Hijack Impact” campaign failed to get off the ground.

An online movement among member of the so-called Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) to “Hijack Impact” was foiled this week when no spectators showed up to a Total Non-Stop Wrestling (TNA) taping.

Wrestling fans in online forums and on Twitter conspired to “hijack” a broadcast of Impact Wrestling by cheering the bad guys, booing the good guys, and incessantly chanting the names of talented-but-underutilized wrestlers such as Eric Young.

The intent of the protest — dubbed #HijackImpact on Twitter — was ostensibly to “send a message” to TNA President Dixie Carter that the company needs to listen to its fans.

The rebellion fell flat, however, when not a single fan showed up to an Impact taping this week due to a combination of poor event promotion and widespread apathy among fans.

TNA matchmakers scrambled to put a positive spin on the lack of audience, billing every bout on the show as an “innovative empty-arena match.”

The failure of #HijackImpact comes on the heels of a failed #HijackRaw campaign, in which a packed Chicago crowd cheered and booed and chanted and otherwise behaved exactly like a wrestling audience is supposed to behave, achieving nothing.


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