Everyone wrestling fan knows at least one thing about WWE’s “Hell in a Cell” roofed steel cage: it is utterly inescapable.

…Or… is it?

hell cell
These grapplers climbed the side of the cage, but did not reach the summit due to inclement weather.

Our investigative reporting interns spent months tirelessly watching old footage to verify the widely held belief that nobody has ever escaped the cage and climbed to its roof.

But then the most amazing thing happened: the interns uncovered extremely rare footage in which the impregnable steel prison is actually breached.

And get this: the wrestlers not only escaped the cage — they scaled it and continued to fight ON TOP OF THE CAGE.

The first and only time this happened was when Ric Foley (portraying the masked character Humankind) did battle against the The American Badman, The Undertaker.

The footage is grainy, but it seems one of the wrestlers even fell off the cage — presumably the Undertaker, due to his higher center of gravity.

Naturally, WWE enhanced security measures to ensure the cage would never be breached — or, heaven forbid, fought upon — ever again.

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