Despite self-identifying as a “lifelong wrestling fan,” 27-year-old Brad Fairthorne of Baton Rouge devotes nearly all of his time and energy to bemoaning his perceived shortcomings of “the business” and gleefully anticipating how various promotions will fail.

This past week, immediately after the televised debut of AEW (American Extreme Wrestling), Fairthorne spent seven consecutive hours in an online wrestling forum arguing that the promotion is “grasping at straws” and will be “belly-up in five months, guaranteed.”

Cloistered in his malodorous basement bedroom of his parents’ suburban home, the former sandwich artist writes on his blog, Brad’s Blade Job, about his innumerable grievances regarding WWE, AEW, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, North Louisiana Championship Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, and any other promotion that does not conform exactly to his subjective whims and preferences.

Blog posts Fairthorne has penned include: “10 Reasons This Season of Raw Should be the Last,” “Why Ring of Honor Needs to Go Away,” and “AEW Actually Stands for Awful Egregious Wrestling.”

Although he is convinced that “Vince (McMahon) and Cody (Rhodes) are regular readers” of his blog, Google Analytics for the site reveal that the majority of his website’s 29 pageviews last year were the result of his mother, who was looking to see if the site contained dirty language.

Fairthorne has declared he is “boycotting WWE forever” on at least 27 separate occasions.

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