Billy Gunn
Billy Gunn said he loves a nice set of ankles, too.

Veteran professional wrestler and former cowboy William “Billy” Gunn revealed today that, despite being known for decades as an “ass man,” his preferred protuberances of the female anatomy are actually the breasts.

Gunn issued an apology via Twitter this morning, admitting that he was “pressured into becoming the Ass Man” amid WWE’s so-called Attitude Era, and embraced the gimmick despite his true “penchant for hooters of all varieties.”

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“I love to love ’em,” Gunn said about mammaries. “I love to watch ’em.”

According to sources close to Gunn, he desperately wanted to be known as the Breast Man, but the gimmick was vetoed by WWE brass for being too similar to Jerry Lawler’s obsession with “puppies.”

Although Gunn’s sexual preferences were called into question during a heated partnership with Chuck Palumbo, Gunn insists that he has always been a breast man, which explains his fondness for Trish Stratus, latter-day Chyna, and Mabel.

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