qanon wwe While the FAKE mainstream media continues to ignore the Earth-shatteringly important and not-ridiculous-at-all QAnon phenomenon, a new spinoff conspiracy labelled QAnonGM has emerged from the dark shadows of the Internet, and its biggest revelation might be the tiny man behind it.

To briefly explain QAnonGM to any brainwashed sheeple who haven’t yet learned the TRUTH, it is a series of online revelations about a deep-state shadow government deep within World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), of which Vince McMahon is a mere puppet.

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Similarly to QAnon — an online agent who claims that Liberals elites participate in Satanic sex rings run by Mordecai — the identity of QAnonGM has been a closely guarded secret, as his only means of communication from deep within the inner workings of WWE is emails sent to commentator Michael Cole.

It is believed that the “GM” stands for “general manager,” although some theorists have suggested it stands for even more nefarious terms, such as Great Muta or Gorilla Monsoon.

Our research on the DARK WEB, however, reveals that the true identity of QAnonGM is likely Hornswoggle, a leprechaun and possible love-child of Vince McMahon who lives underneath a WWE ring, where he operates a cabal of Illuminati Freemasons hell-bent on bringing back the New World Order (nWo).

WWE Hall of Famer and US “President” Donald Trump has not publicly commented on the QAnonGM, but he did cryptically last night at 3:22am: “i’m a bettur prezident than jack tunny for sure #QAnonGM4Lyfe LOL.”



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