godfather shango
Mere coincidence or voodoo hex? You be the judge.

In what is being described as one of the most bizarre — perhaps even creepy — coincidences in professional wrestling history, eagle-eyed observers pointed out that grappling pimp The Godfather is inked with tattoos indistinguishable from those adorning voodoo practitioner Papa Shango.

The remarkable similarities between the tattoos has sparked an online theory suggesting that Mr. Shango put a curse on The Godfather, perhaps in as punishment for his sinful lifestyle, and that the pimp now bears permanent evidence of the hex in under skin. Even more bizarre: some fans insist the same tattoos can be seen on the flesh of Kama Mustapha, though this claim has not yet been verified due to a paucity of footage.

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“Clearly there is something demonic happening here,” hollered respected journalist Alex Jones of InforWars.com. “Voodoo witch doctors must be deported back to Parts Unknown immediately.”

Such sorcery may be more widespread than a single isolated incident. Keen-eyed fans have pointed out that at least six different wrestlers bear an identical tattoo: Smash, Repo Man, Krusher Khruschev, Tsar Mongo, The Blacktop Bully, and Mr. Hole in One.

Conspiracy theorists suggest that the shared tattoo — a winged bird of prey with large talons — bears symbolism linked to the Illuminati, the Freemasons and QAnon, suggesting that a nefarious cabal of wrestlers is plotting world domination.

Of course, many conspiracy theories turn out to be false, such as the laughably absurd and roundly debunked notion that Mr. America was actually Hulk Hogan.

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