When Metallica went looking for a guitarist to replace the retiring Kirk Hammett, the first person they contacted was former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) sports-entertainer Elias, reveals a source close to the rock group.

“Nobody can shred like Elias,” said the source (who, for the sake of anonymity, asked to be identified only as Lars U.). “The first time we saw him play guitar in a WWE ring, we knew we needed to have the guy.”

Fans of professional wrestling were dazzled when Elias debuted on the live television in 2017, demonstrating virtuosic musical talents that awed audiences around the world, from his lightning-fingered guitar work to his angelic voice with a nine-octave range.

When Elias was released from WWE in 2013, numerous musical acts reportedly vied for his talents, including:

  • Elias was invited to join a new operatic supergroup called The Four Tenors, but that gig eventually went to his younger brother Ezekiel
  • Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr asked him to form “Beatles 2.0,” but declined unless Jimmy Hart was involved too
  • He was asked to play guitar on tour with Taylor Swift, but declined because it didn’t pay enough
  • He was invited to headline WrestleMania against The Rock, but is busy that day jamming with Black Sabbath

Kirk Hammett is reportedly leaving Metallica to pursue his first musical love, polka.


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