Rock star wrestler Chris Jericho took a break from his bodacious lifestyle today to grant an exclusive “wish” to his biggest fan by greeting himself in the mirror.

“Drink it in, man,” said Jericho to himself while gazing into the mirror of a Toronto hotel bathroom.

Jericho says he gets immense gratification from greeting his biggest fan on any occasion: “I just love the way my face lights up when I see myself. That look of joy in my eyes makes it all worthwhile.”

Although he is known for his brash arrogance in the ring, Jericho is a big softie with his biggest fan — whether in mirrors at the gym, in mirrors at the mall or airport, or in the mirrors on the ceiling of Fozzy’s tour bus.

The entertainer is reportedly at his happiest when walking through a funhouse hall of mirrors and listening to his favourite podcast, Talk is Jericho.


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