Finn balor entrance
Finn Balor would like that to go, with extra napkins please.

Onlookers were awestruck this morning when Finn Bálor, an enigmatic Irish professional wrestler currently signed to NXT, made a grandiose, surrealistic entrance at a local Arby’s restaurant.

Bedecked in head-to-toe body-paint depicting the gaping maw of a toothy dragon, Bálor slithered his way into the restaurant amid Wagnerian music and strobe lights.

Patrons watched with a mixture of rapt terror and awe as Bálor writhed, as if demonically possessed, to the counter and ordered two roast beef sandwiches with no mustard and a side of curly fries.

Although fans of World Wrestling Entertainment’s NXT division are familiar with Bálor’s phantasmagorical entrances, the staff and clientele at Arby’s were unprepared for such a macabre spectacle.

Some cheered amid the carnivalesque cacophony, while others wondered how he could possibly follow such a spectacular entrance by eating sandwiches.

“It’s was a bit over-the-top and silly,” said the night manager of the Arby’s, who asked to be identified only as V. Russo.


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