Mick Foley fake
Despite commentator Jim Ross’ hyperbole, Mick Foley was barely bruised, let alone “broken in half,” by his fall from the cell.

After nearly two decadesĀ of being revered as a so-called “hardcore legend” for being thrown off the 20-foot Hell in a Cell cage, retired professional wrestler Mick Foley cleared his conscience today by admitting that his infamous fall was “completely fake.”

“I didn’t feel a thing,” Foley admitted, adding that it felt liberating to finally come clean about the hoax.

“We rehearsed the move about a dozen times earlier in the day and it was a breeze — the [Spanish announce] table padded my landing like a big pile of pillows.”

Foley’s 1998 match against The Undertaker has become the stuff of wrestling legend due to the severity of violence Foley seemed to endure — first being thrown off the cage, then choke-slammed through its roof to the mat below — but Foley now admits he was “just really good at selling.”

“Wrestling rings are like trampolines, so that second fall was even easier than the first,” he said. “And that wasn’t my tooth sticking out of my nostril — it was popcorn! I thought Undertaker was going to bust a gut laughing when he saw that! What a fun night that was!”

Foley further explained that the “blood” caking his face was ketchup, and the “thumb tacks” he crashed into were little origami shapes made by his children.

“And that cage isn’t really 20 feet tall,” Foley added. “That’s a trick of perspective from low-angle camera work. It’s barely taller than me.”


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