Triple H bury
Triple H buries everyone — aside from the many, many people he pushes heavily.

Somebody give Triple H a golden shovel, because that arrogant prick is burying everyone but himself in WWE except for rookies, veterans, Divas and main-roster superstars, amirite guys?

Listen fellow smarks, I don’t want to go off on a rant here, but aren’t we all sick and tired of Triple H denying a solid “push” to everyone except the many, many people he is pushing heavily?

Christ, he buries more people than the Undertaker, who, come to think of it, elevated hundreds of superstars over the past two decades by selflessly making them look better.

Ever since Triple H rose to corporate power in WWE, he has done nothing except bury, bury, bury people — unless you count Neville, Daniel Bryan, the New Day, Kane, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury, Kevin Owens, Bruno Sammartino, the Divas, the Ultimate Warrior, pretty much everyone on NXT, and all the stars of Total Divas, Legends House, and Tough Enough. Oh, and members of the US military and Make-A-Wish kids.

OK, so maybe he doesn’t bury EVERYBODY, but we can all agree that he has totally buried Zack Ryder? Well, except for that time a few weeks ago when Ryder had a title shot against Cena and it was a really good match.

New thesis: Triple H is pretty great and seems to actually be doing what’s best for business… but he seems a bit smug about it, amirite? Guys?

– ROHsmark69


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