Hitman Hart hair
A recent photo of Bret Hart that shows the “Hitman” with his new, economical, non-greasy look.

Legendary professional wrestler Bret Hart is living very comfortably in retirement, thanks largely to the thousands of dollars he saves annually by not purchasing vats of hair grease.

“With crude oil prices as high as they are, around 100 bucks a barrel, it just doesn’t make economic sense for me to dunk my head in a vat of it every day,” Hart says.

“I didn’t fully realize how much I was spending on that goo. With all the money I’ve saved since retirement, I bought myself a nice little place in Hawaii.”

Hart said he didn’t particularly enjoy immersing his head in black slime every day, as it ruined many pillows and made his head extremely flammable.

But Vince McMahon insisted the greasiness added a certain edge to the “Hitman” persona, and helped subsidize the expense by buying in bulk directly from Saudi Arabian oil barons.

Hart says he is also saving a “ton of money” now that he’s not buying pink spandex, or constantly giving away his sunglasses to little kids.