Nakamura nxt japan
Shinksuke Nakamura basks in the quiet, rhythmic applause of a Japanese crowd going wild by Japanese standards.

The crowd went relatively wild at an NXT event in Osaka yesterday to celebrate Shinsuke Nakamura’s title-winning victory over Samoa Joe, erupting into gentle applause.

Following the hard-fought battle between Joe and Nakamura — during which the audience collectively nodded in approval for clean breaks — the crowd burst into appreciative clapping as Nakamura bowed respectfully to them.

One fan, overcome with emotion, hollered “Kori wa subarashii desu!” (“This is awesome!”), and was promptly escorted out of the venue by security guards and ordered to commit seppuku, or suicide by disembowelment.

The audience’s reaction to Nakamura’s victory is considered the most raucous celebration at a Japanese wrestling event since 1983, when Terry Funk shouted the word “forever” at fans for a full eleven minutes.