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Chis Jericho (real name Irvin Froot) lives every wrestler’s dream of taking a swipe at a fan.

Professional wrestler and rock icon Chris Jericho seemed angry at a fan who tried to enter the ring at a recent AEW event, but in reality Jericho — and every other pro wrestler on Earth — secretly yearns for the chance to punch a stupid fan in his stupid ugly face. 

Jericho (real name Irvin Froot) threw a looping right hook at the fan and called him a “fat bastard,” continuing a long tradition of Jericho seizing opportune moments to take a swing at obnoxious fans who can’t just sit in their chairs and enjoy the show. 

There’s a long, proud tradition in professional wrestling: if a spectator even so much as sets a pinky toe on the other side of the barricade, he or she (but let’s be honest, it’s always a he) must be pummelled within an inch of his life by wrestlers, security, and the referee, the timekeeper, and Tony Chimel if available. 

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) seems to have mostly curbed the problem of barricade-jumping fans by hiring paramilitary snipers to take them out.

According to one backstage source, the fan who tackled Bret Hart at the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is still getting the crap kicked out of him by Dave Finley, William Regal and Linda McMahon.  



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