Shortly after this photo was taken, seven Secret Service agents were roundhouse kicked right in the kisser.

United States president Joe Biden made an embarrassing gaffe this week when he publicly congratulated AEW (American Extreme Wrestling) for its recruitment of “Malarkey” Black. 

Of course, he was referring to surprise AEW newcomer Malakai Black, the twin brother of Aleister Black, who retired from sports-entertainment last month to return to his first love, ballet. 

Biden, 94, is the first American president in recent memory to not be a WWE Hall of Fame inductee, and his apparent lack of knowledge about professional wrestling has many pundits concerned that he is not fit for the presidency. 

Donald Trump, the twice-impeached former president who lost a fair election to Biden last fall, mocked Biden’s mispronunciation of Malakai, and then himself congratulated AEW on hiring Mariachi Blank. 

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