An artistic African elephant is capturing the world’s attention and hearts with its incredible ability to paint — and nobody knows why the painting pachyderm chooses only to depict scenes from professional wrestling.

The elephant, named Lupton, began turning heads three years ago when it used its trunk and mud to make a crude painting on a rock depicting what appeared to be Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant.

When Lupton’s caretakers provided him with paints and brushes, they were shocked to see him spend the next three hours painting a watercolor depiction of the underrated match between Bad News Brown and Bret Hart.

It is believed Lupton watched wrestling with his zoo caretakers during his youth, and based on his creative output, he wasn’t a big fan WCW (he went on a brief rampage, knocking over his easel, after being shown a picture of Vince Russo).

Lupton’s paintings have begun to capture high prices at art auctions; his most famous painting, depicting Vince McMahon’s unveiling as the mysterious greater power, was sold last week for $7.2 to a private investor in Stamford, CT.

In other animal news, a nature documentary about zebras is creating incredible buzz.  Watch the teaser:

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