Seven-year-old Timmy Thompson achieved his dream of becoming a graphic designer today when, as part of a Make-A-Wish granting, he was given the honor of naming teams and designing their logos for the upcoming relaunch of the XFL.

Timmy suffers from a rare disorder called Marella Syndrome — which affects the sternum, breadbasket, and kisser — thereby making it difficult for him to do graphic design.

XFL logos
Timmy heard the word “Renegades” at school and thought it would make good XFL team name.

But thanks to the longstanding relationship between World Wrestling Entertainment and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Timmy was chosen by WWE/XFL honcho Vince McMahon for the important job of choosing XFL team names and iconography, which were revealed today.

Timmy said he named the Seattle team the “Dragons” because “dragons are, like, super amazing and scary,” and he chose their logo from a selection of Microsoft Word clip-art.

The Tampa Bay Vipers, meanwhile, are named in honor of Timmy’s “ninth favorite wrestler,” Randy Orton, and the logo looks like a V “because the word vipers starts with V.” As for the BattleHawks of St. Louis, Timmy said he he “just made up” the term because it sounded “awesome, and he chose the word “Roughnecks” for Houston because his “daddy called our neighbors that once.”

This was actually Timmy’s second wish granted through WWE; previously, he decided that The New Day should throw pancakes at the audience.


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