enzo and cass promo
Enzo Amore says “Dubbya-dubbya-eee for realz yo fuggedaboutit, biznatches.”

Professional wrestling tag team Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy — the self-described “casanovas of casserole-ahs — delighted a crowd of 15,000 fans tonight by spewing a random hodgepodge of nonsense very, very loudly.

“Yo in da boom ya say it be it be bammin’ bro,” hollered Cassidy, while his pint-sized partner skittered about the ring like a disoriented squirrel. “Well if it ain’t we who da bombest, damn, den you donwanna take a ride upside the downstairs of sideways, flappy-slappy mammajamma!”

Amore they grabbed the microphone, tilted his head quizzically to the side, and began hollering: “If da G done be down, you can’t teach the badaboom at the ladylumps, yo!”

Amore nearly said something intelligible about himself and Cass being the most real people in the room, but used the grammatically incorrect term “realest.”

Amore then began one of his signature insults, with the crowd chanting along letter-by-letter, describing his opponent as “delicate,” but misspelling it: “D-E-L-L-A-K-I-T.”