enzo survivor series
Enzo Amore had hoped patrons at Applebee’s would be interested in his new album, since they are accustomed to consuming dreck.

Less than 24 hours after being ejected from the audience at WWE Survivor Series for what seemed to be an attempt to “hijack” the event, sports-entertainer Enzo Amore’s attempted “invasion” of an Iowa chain restaurant was met with indifference from fellow patrons.

Masterfully disguised with a white hoodie — the same elaborate costume he wore to completely evade suspicion in the second row Survivor Series — Amore leapt to his feet and hollered “How you doin’?” which only caught the attention of one annoyed-looking child at the Applebee’s salad bar.

Amore, who was recently booted off a Delta Airlines flight for vaping (though some witnesses say the noxious fumes coming out of his mouth was just his voice), seems desperate to get back into the spotlight.

Amore was fired from WWE earlier this year amid allegations that he had non-consensually burst into a G-certification classroom and insisted that the subject cannot be taught.

According to a WWE spokesperson, Amore was removed from Survivor Series not because he was drawing attention away from the matches, but because the people around him got “pretty tired of his schtick” after a few minutes of it. Added the spokesperson: “I’m sure any WWE fan can relate to that.”

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