dusty rhodes goldust
Dusty Rhodes is reinventing himself as Polkadust.

In a gesture of solidarity toward his two bizarre sons, legendary professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes announced he is coming out of retirement to portray an enigmatic character called Polkadust.

The former NWA World Champion will join his sons Dustin (Goldust) and Cody (Stardust) to form a three-man tag team known collectively as The Dustiest Rhodeses, because apparently all WWE tag-teams must contain three members nowadays.

The patriarch of the Rhodes clan, despite being out of regular action for more than a decade, quickly got himself  back into “ring shape” by consuming as much junk food and bourbon as possible over a three-week period.

The former “American Dream” will cover his face in yellow polka dots, as well as slather yellow paint on the trademark “splotch” on his abdomen.

In his unmistakable drawling lisp, he told reporters: “Duthty Rhodesth isth gonna be the betht Polkadutht in the world, daddy.”

WWE has reportedly reached out to the recently retired Vickie Guerrero in the hope that she will portray, in blackface, a manager character named SapphireDust.