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The final soldier in Dixie Carter’s army — her own nephew — has finally infiltrated enemy lines.

Dixie Carter has long been regarded as the reigning “evil genius” of professional wrestling promotion, and she cemented that reputation last night by completing her years-long invasion of WWE with the infiltration of her nephew, Ethan Carter III.

Maniacal laughter could be heard emanating from Carter Mansion on a hilltop above Nashville as WWE aired footage of Ethan — also known as EC3 — standing proud on the enemy frontline.

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For more than a decade, Dixie Carter has been gradually enacting a takeover of WWE by her company, Total Global Nonstop Action IMPACT Force Wrestling, and she fittingly delivered her master stroke at an event called TakeOver.

A cold and calculating strategist, the Carter matriarch has unfurled her Trojan horse operation over many years, dispatching soldiers including Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Eric Young, Samoa Joe, and many others.

Many renowned sports-entertainmentologists believe Carter will own WWE by March.