Just days after announcing he is resurrecting the XFL — the ill-fated pro football league that went defunct after a single season two decades ago — sports-entertainment mogul Vince McMahon declared he will also relaunch his failed bodybuilding promotion, WBF.

“Quite frankly, I do not believe in the notion of learning from past mistakes,” McMahon said during a live press conference this afternoon. “I don’t make mistakes, quite frankly.”

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McMahon said the relaunch of WBF will coincide with the resurrection of ICO PRO, a bodybuilding supplement powder made of a proprietary blend of the Simon System, Buddy Rose Blow Away Diet, Booty-Os, and trace amounts of bovine growth serum.

The original incarnation of the WBF lasted barely three years in the early 1990s, failing to catch on with wrestling fans because, according to a poll, 98 percent of humans think bodybuilding is “weird and gross and boring.”

McMahon said the new WBF will feature “faster action” and “more drama” than traditional bodybuilding, which means it’ll still be a bunch of veiny, spray-tanned, dehydrated weirdos in banana-hammocks making silly poses.

WBF is scheduled to relaunch in January 2020, and to fold in February 2020.