Triple h forfeit
Hunter Hearst Helmsley (known colloquially as Triple H, or “Trips” to pretentious internet fans), has forfeited his championship to return to the cinematic arts.

After a brief and controversial title reign, professional wrestler and corporate tyrant Hunter Hearst Helmsley has forfeited his WWE World Heavyweight Championship to focus on completion of the next films in The Chaperone Trilogy.

Five years have passed since The Chaperone drew critical and popular acclaim as a genre-defining cinematic landmark, and audiences have been eagerly anticipating the next in the series, The Chaperone 2: The Bus Awakens, directed by J.J. Abrams.

“There are just so many unanswered questions from the previous film,” writes movie critic Anthony Lane of The New Yorker. “There’s such richness and depth to the Chaperone universe, so much left to explore.”

Helmsley tearfully relinquished his championship during a WWE live event last night, insisting he is doing “what’s best for business” to focus full time on the next film, as well as the trilogy-ending conclusion, The Chaperone 3: 12 Rounds of the Knucklehead Marine Saving Christmas.

Helmsley will resume his demanding portrayal of Ray Bradstone, a grizzled ex-con with a heart of gold who saves his daughter’s field trip — a role for which he won the 2011 Academy Award for Best Actor (and a second Oscar for Best Original Score, which he composed and performed).

Helmsley’s forfeited WWE championship is currently held by Vacant, the most decorated WWE superstar of the past decade.