Stephen Baxter spent the entirety of a Raw event trying to see himself on Camera.

Despite having arguably the best seats in the house for a live broadcast of WWE Raw, Nashville-area dipshit Stephen Baxter spent the entirety of the three-hour event trying to spot himself on the so-called “Titantron” big screen.

Fans watching Raw at home reportedly found Baxter’s megalomaniacal self-obsession extremely distracting and annoying, since most wrestling fans would kill to have his front-row seats.

During every segment of Raw, including the main event and several surprise appearances, the vain 26-year-old numbskull could clearly be seen waving his arms excitedly, fiddling with his phone, and holding up poorly composed signs bearing hand-scrawled slogans including:

– “WHAT?!”



Although Baxter appeared on camera many times, he utterly failed to impress anybody, and instead became the target of resentment and ire worldwide.

Due to his obsession with seeing himself on camera, Baxter was completely unaware when wrestler CM Punk pointed him out during a promo and called him a “fatty.”