Yes, we know that is Bill Eadie on the left and Barry Darsow on the right. And we also know that a lot of dimwits on the internet are going to get upset anyway.

Yes, we know Repo Man was actually Demolition Smash, not Ax.

Barry Darsow played Smash, then Repo Man, then a golfer or two. Previously a Russian (sympathizer), and the fourth Ultimate Warrior. He’s a lovely guy with the cutest Minnesotan accent.

Seriously, READ THE ARTICLES before commenting. If you comment without reading, chances are you look like an idiot. Not just with Kayfabe News. With anything. Why would you comment on an issue based only on a headline and a photo? Are you some kind of simpleton?

If you have read this far, congratulations, you are among the tiny minority of people on the internet who take a moment to actually read content, rather than just formulate half-baked opinions based on incomplete information. 

If you have read this far, congratulations! Now go on a fishing expedition on your own social channels to infuriate your “friends.”

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