usos tell apart
Jimmy Uso (left) with his “identical” twin Jey.

Jimmy and Jey Uso have been down since day one, approximately, to entertain fan of professional wrestling with their tag-team skills — but have you ever successfully figured out which one is which? 

It can be tricky to tell the brothers apart, especially when the action gets hot and heavy in the ring, but it’s easy if you know what to look for. 

WEIGHT: Jimmy is the heavier of the two brothers, weighing in at 252 pounds, as opposed to Jey’s more slender 249 pounds. 

TATTOOS: Jey has the Japanese kanji symbol for “power” tattooed on his left shoulder blade. Jimmy has a similar tattoo, which he thinks means “tenacity,” but is actually the Japanese symbol for adult diapers. 

NAME RECOGNITION: If you see both Uso brothers somewhere out in public together, scream “Hi Jimmy.” Whichever one turns around first is almost certainly Jimmy. 

COMMENTARY: Listen carefully to how WWE’s ringside commentators describe Jimmy and Jey in the ring. Michael Cole correctly identifies Usos with an accuracy rate of 78 percent — a company record. 

DIET: Jimmy is allergic to shellfish, so if you secretly feed them both clams, Jimmy will be the one vomiting uncontrollably 10 minutes later. Presto! 

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