aew explosion
A clip from what an AEW spokesperson calls a “barely noticeable” set of “improvements.”

Amid the generally unfavourable reviews of the main event at its Revolution pay-per-view, AEW has released an edited version of the “Exploding” Ring Deathmatch in which the final explosion is digitally exaggerated. 

In the edited version, which will air this week on AEW’s ironically titled flagship program “Dynamite,” ringbuilder Kenny Omega is seen hurtling through the air driven by the shockwave of the enormous blast, which has presumably incinerated opponent Jon Moxley to mere ash.

Whereas the original match ended with fizzling sparklers and some cherry bombs, the edited-for-TV version of the match shows a mushroom cloud erupting from the ring and a blinding fireball consuming everything in its path. 

Although an AEW spokesperson said the edits are “very minor” and “barely noticeable,” those who have seen the edited version complain that the CGI footage is excessive and grotesque, like the footage of Moxley’s bubbling flesh, Omega’s flaming perm, and an unexplained appearance by Jar-Jar Binks.

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