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Brock Lesnar (left) says he learned everything he knows about wrestling from his uncle, Elmer Lesnar.

Elmer Lesnar was a star of the squared circle for decades, but is now largely forgotten. His nephew, Brock, hopes to change that by paying tribute to his late uncle with new ring attire. 

In recent weeks Brock has appeared wearing denim overalls as a loving nod to his mother’s brother, Elmer, who was the man who taught Brock how to wrestle. 

As a child, Brock would spend his summers at his uncle’s farm in Mudlick, KY, playing with his cousins Jim and Luke, learning how to be the kind of country boy you don’t go messin’ with. He grew big and strong eating aunt Joyce’s home cooking, but Brock had a falling out with Jim over the affections of a woman named Gertrude.

Brock’s in-ring style is highly reminiscent of his uncle Elmer’s, especially in Elmer’s younger days when he was known as Plowboy Frazier. Or, depending on where/when he was performing Big Tex. Or Ed Younger, Congorilla, Cowboy Frazier, A-Team Member #2, Farmer Boy Frazier, Giant Frazier, Giant Hillbilly, Hillbilly Elmer, Kamala II, Pascagoula Plowboy, Playboy Frazier, Plowboy Frazier, Tex Frazier, The Convict, The Country Plowboy, The Giant Rebel, Tiny Frazier, Tiny the Plowboy, The Lone Ranger, or Lieutenant Frazier.*

Many fans don’t realize that Lesnar’s signature F5 maneuver is an exact replica of Uncle Elmer’s patented finisher, The Kentucky Twister. 

“My uncle, Elmer, was a greater wrestler than I’ll ever be, and I just want people to remember him,” Brock Lesnar said this morning on his TikTok


* We here at Kayfabe News swear we did make up any of those names. Go check.

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