NXT Florida
A new developmental “talent” in Florida Championship Wrestling is developmentally delayed.

Nearly 10 months after being hired to Florida Championship Wrestling — a “developmental” territory where rookie wrestlers hone their craft before joining the main WWE roster — Saxon Vindaloo is showing little sign of development.

“He’s developmentally delayed,” said FCW owner and veteran wrestler Steve Keirn, who has struggled in vain to bring Vindaloo up to speed with the rest of the developmental talent.

Even training under the watchful eye of Ricky Steamboat hasn’t helped Vindaloo, who was apparently hired as a developmental talent purely because of his impressive musculature, not his puny intellect.

“The kid looks great, but it’s like training a cat to fetch,” said Keirn. “He got a concussion yesterday while trying to apply a figure-four leglock.”

Keirn says there’s still hope for Vindaloo to become a WWE superstar, however.

“Ryback’s getting a huge push right now, so hey, anything’s possible.”