ahmed johnson wwe
Yes that’s Ahmed Johnson at a recent wrestling convention. No, that’s not Vince Russo beside him.

Friday’s announcement that Twinkies will be discontinued due to the closure of snack manufacturer Hostess has sparked speculation that Ahmed Johnson will make a much-anticipated return to the WWE ring.

“Time to get back in shape,” Johnson said on Twitter, fueling the rumors. “I’m finally free from the Hostess curse.”

During his 1990s heyday in WWE, Johnson’s hulking physique struck fear into opponents, but a largely Twinkie-based diet has resulted in his ballooning pudginess in recent years.

At the peak of his wrestling career, Johnson ate two-dozen eggs and four steaks a day, and spent endless hours in the gym honing his monstrously muscular build.

But since retirement, he has subsisted almost entirely on Hostess-brand snacks such as Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonderbread.

The rumors of Johnson’s WWE return have quelled speculation that he was already working for the company under the pseudonym Ezekiel Jackson.