The “Vote for Pedro” campaign led by the sole member of the Pedro Morales Fan Club never gained momentum.

The wrestling world lost one of its most passionate and lonely inhabitants yesterday when the sole remaining member of the Pedro Morales Fan Club passed away.

Randolph Bergmann of Buffalo died from advanced pneumonia at age 77, surrounded not by family and friends, but instead by a maudlin collection of Pedro Morales memorabilia.

Bergmann was the charter member — and only member — of the Pedro Morales Fan Club, which met once a month in Bergmann’s apartment to discuss great moments in the WWE Hall of Famer’s career.

“He really seemed to like that Pedro guy,” said paramedic Steve Gibb, who arrived at Bergmann’s apartment after neighbors reported an unpleasant odor.

“Was Pedro a boxer or something?”

Sadly, Bergmann was wearing a “Vote For Pedro” t-shirt when paramedics found him, which he mistakenly believed was a reference to Morales, not a piece of pop-culture kitsch inspired by the film Napoleon Dynamite.

Bergmann’s family received a card of condolences from the lone member of the Mordecai Fan Club.