John Cena fans
Eleven-year-old Zachary Peters, pictured here with his hero John Cena, claims to be “the world’s biggest WWE fan,” despite not knowing what the acronym stands for.

Eleven-year-old Zachary Peters, a self-described “die-hard WWE fan,” had to ask his father what the second W in the acronym WWE stands for.

“Wrestling?” he replied incredulously following his father’s explanation? “What’s that?”

His father then explained that, once upon a time, WWE proudly called itself a professional wrestling promotion, rather than a “sports entertainment juggernaut.”

Over the four years that Zachary has been watching WWE programming — and begging his parents for each successive line of John Cena merchandise — he has not heard anyone utter the word wrestling.

Zachary stared at his father with bewilderment as he learned, back in the olden times, WWE was called WWF.

“So,” he asked, “they saved pandas?”