AJ Lee drawing
A controversial cartoon depicts Divas Champion AJ Lee (left) having a five-star match.

A comic-style drawing of female professional wrestler AJ Lee is stirring controversy online and backstage at WWE events for depicting the current Divas Champion performing a five-star match.

The drawing has apparently ruffled feathers among WWE corporate brass because of its implausible premise, spurring the company to request an apology from the artist who created it.

“Such flagrant distortion of the truth, even in cartoon form, is tantamount to harassment,” reads a press release issued this morning by World Wrestling Entertainment.

“While WWE encourages fan art, we expect more accurate depictions of Divas matches — as clunky, three-minute filler segments starring scantily clad women yanking each other’s hair.”

The drawing sparked even more controversy than a different one that emerged just days earlier — depicting AJ in a sexual position with popular wrestler CM Punk — which WWE officials agreed was “pretty funny.”

The press release also requested that any cartoon depictions of Triple H that may arise in the future should keep the size of his nose “within reasonable proportions.”