Total Divas real
Brandon Adler (inset) actually believes the dialogue and drama on Total Divas is real and unscripted.

Although most sensible viewers (or “smart fans”) can see right through the scripted facade, 28-year-old Brandon Adler is the only credulous “mark” who actually thinks Total Divas is real.

Since the ironically labeled “Reality TV” program began airing earlier this year, Adler has gullibly believed that the dialogue and conflict is spontaneous and legitimate, rather than a scripted ruse, poorly performed.

“Jo-Jo and Eva Marie had a big fight tonight — I hope they patch things up,” Adler posted on his Twitter account, unaware that the rookie Divas were told by the show’s producers to “add some drama” to their scripted relationship.

Adler is convinced that the program legitimately portrays the “behind-the-scenes” real lives of female WWE performers, blissfully unaware that the show is a scripted “work.”

Inexplicably, Adler also seems to believe that professional wrestling is a scripted pantomime of simulated violence — which is a ridiculous theory, since everyone knows wrestling is 100 percent real.