Wrestling fan
Gavin Peterson would make a sign for tonight’s TLC event if he could figure out how to spell it.

Gavin Peterson, a 28-year-old wrestling fan from Houston, had hoped to make a large, colorful sign to hold overhead during tonight’s World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view, but was unsure how to spell the event’s name, TLC.

Peterson, whom friends and family worry might be functionally illiterate, attempted to find an answer on Twitter, but his search term “#tcl” only yielded stock prices for Trinidad Cement Ltd.

For several minutes, Peterson struggled in vain to deduce the proper spelling, but his google search for “tabbelz ladurs anchares” turned up no results.

Peterson was afraid to ask friends for advice on how to spell the term, because they mercilessly mocked him several months ago when he misspelled TNA.

He finally opted to make a sign in support of Daniel Bryan that simply read: “YAS!”