Dusty and Cody
Life father splotch, like son splotch.

Sports-entertainer Cody Rhodes, son of the late “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, has belatedly inherited the distitive torso “blotch” that has run in the family for generations. 

Whereas the elder Rhodes’ splotch adorned his corpulent belly just under his right moob, Cody’s splotch is higher on the body, closer to his pectoral muscles, and distinctively purpler. 

The spotch became one of Dusty’s trademark gimmicks, along with bionic elbow, his unique lisp, and his affinity for yellow polka dots (because they resemble the splotch). 

Cody, just like his father (and his grandfather, a plumber), began exhibiting his own splotch this past weekend. Cody is, however, the first member of the Rhodes — and hopefully last — member of the Rhodes clan to get a terrible neck tattoo. 



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