elias ezekiel sister
Eleanor, the older sister of Elias (left) and Ezekiel, is said to be the best wrestler and musician in the family.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today the signing of Eleanore, the eldest sister of WWE sports-entertainers Elias and Ezekiel. 

Much like her brother Elias, Eleanore started her showbiz career as a singer-songwriter, despite a congenital defect that prevents everyone in the family from carrying a tune. 

The Talented Samson Siblings, as they were known during their early years performing Christian folk music at retirement homes, took up sports-entertaining after they were criticized for clobbering too many unsuspecting seniors over the head with acoustic guitars. 

Elias, of course, is the most seasoned wrestler of the three siblings, having had a successful run as Damien Sandow. 



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