The drama continues to escalate in AEW, as sources reveal that CM Punk is claiming that AEW boss Tony Khan told Jack Perry about Tony Schiavone claiming The Young Bucks had “heat” with Kenny Omega or something.

According to one backstage source at AEW, who asked to be identified only as Christian C., Khan learned from Punk that Omega overheard the Young Bucks (Matt and Tito Jackson) relaying to Tony Schiavone via Jim Ross that there’s heat between Jake Perry and Jack Hagar and both Jays (Lethal and White), all stemming back to a backstage skirmish in which a bunch of these grown manchildren had a scuffle at work.

Wrestling news outlets worldwide are furiously copy-pasting the same three paragraphs from Dave Meltzer about the most”incident,” trying to get to the bottom of the most recent backstage machinations.

We will stay on this story as it continues to not develop.

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