Fans of the long-running “reality” program Total Divas are abuzz today after the announcement that the series will return starring two of the biggest divas in wrestling today, CM Punk and Jack Perry.

Sparks will fly when these two feisty hellcats are forced to co-exist in Divas Mansion, followed 24-7 by cameras, alongside some of wrestling’s other biggest Divas.

Punk and Perry, who scratched and hair-pulled during a highly publicized catfight backstage at a recent AEW event, will be joined the program by Divas including:

  • Shawn Michaels, the 67-year-old bushman who still calls himself The Heartbreak Kid with a straight face
  • Ryback, a voracious eater with a quirky personality
  • Low-Ki, a deep-voiced Diva nicknamed Hi-Maintenance
  • Hulk Hogan, a self-described former bassist for U2

Longtime fans of Total Divas should expect the upcoming season to be just as insufferable as they’ve come to expect.

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