Cesaro fans
The lonely men of the Cesaro Section demonstrate support of their hero.

The so-called Cesaro Section at a recent professional wrestling event — a cadre of fans who demonstrate their support of Swiss superman Cesaro — also turned out to be the Single Adult Males section.

Proudly holding aloft their “Cesaro Section” signs, the undersexed singletons cheered loudly (and counted aloud incorrectly) as their hero performed his patented Cesaro Swing maneuver.

The lonely men, aged 18-34 and clad without exception in black t-shirts, unanimously agree that Cesaro deserves a “push” because he is the best “worker” on the WWE roster.

“Claudio deserves the strap,” insists every member of the Cesaro Section.

The demographic of the Cesaro section is distinct from that of John Cena fans (pre-adolescents and women), Big Show fans (giant fetishists), and Total Divas fans (simpletons).