Ric Flair Harley Race
Ric Flair (left) and Harley Race wish today’s wrestlers would hurry up and stop wasting time “selling.”

The current stars of professional wrestling waste too much time “selling” and don’t do enough aerial high-spots, insist a pair of grizzled veterans of the business.

“The kids today, they work way too slow,” said Race, known in his heyday for his patented springboard moonsault, during a Q&A session at a wrestling convention in Iowa.

Fellow panelist Ric Flair concurred, insisting that today’s wrestlers are far too obsessed with making an emotional connection with the audience rather than performing flashy daredevil maneuvers at breakneck speed.

“Fans don’t want to feel empathy for some babyface underdog who’s taking a beating,” said Flair. “They want to see guys getting thrown off of ladders again and again and again, sustaining no discernible bodily harm in the process.”

Race and Flair also agreed that WWE should feature more scripted backstage comedy skits, and that the term “wrestling” should be abandoned altogether in favor of “sports entertainment.”