Daniel Bryan Brie Bella
Daniel Bryan (right) has circumvented Stephanie McMahon’s ultimatum by divorcing Brie Bella

Popular professional wrestler Daniel Bryan made one of the toughest decisionsĀ of his life today when, faced with an ultimatum to choose between devotion to his wife and his championship reign, he chose the latter.

Bryan officially filed for divorce from newlywed bride Brie Bella in a drastic response to an ultimatum posed this past Monday by WWE authority figure Stephanie McMahon.

McMahon had threatened to fire Bella if Bryan does not forfeit the WWE championship at this Sunday’s WWE Payback event, so Bryan nullified the threat by legally separating from Bella.

“Now try to take my championship!” Bryan defiantly tweeted after filing the divorce papers.

“Fire Brie. Doesn’t matter to me. #NyahNyah.”

The divorce is being criticized by some as an overly drastic measure, since Bryan legitimately needs time off from neck surgery and should, in fairness, surrender the championships until he is fit to compete.

But those critics are vastly outnumbered by those in favour of the divorce, who insist that having just one Bella in WWE is probably more than enough.


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