Daniel Bryan wedding pictures
Daniel Bryan kisses the bride he mistakenly believed was Brie Bella.

In what should have been another highlight in a momentous week for Daniel Bryan, the popular professional wrestler suffered an embarrassing setback when he accidentally married the wrong Bella twin.

Amid all the excitement of winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, Bryan was understandably frazzled for his nuptials several days later, resulting in the slip-up.

It was only during his honeymoon that Bryan realized he had not married fiancee Brie Bella, but instead her identical twin Nikki.

Bryan’s mistake became evident when he removed his new bride’s wedding dress to consummate the marriage, thereby revealing the two most distinguishing features between the Bella Twins.

Although Bryan quite liked what he saw, he quickly apologized for the mix-up to Nikki, who admitted she just had played along with the whole thing because she felt swept up in the excitement.

Brie Bella was reportedly “a little ticked off” by the mistake, since she was forced to spend her wedding day with her sister’s boyfriend, John Cena.

Asked if he will have the accidental marriage annulled, Bryan unsurprisingly replied “Yes.”