Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains that the TNA Universe is either imperceptibly tiny, or does not exist.

Despite using the world’s most sophisticated radiotelescopes to scan the farthest reaches of space and time, a team of astronomers has failed to turn up any evidence of the so-called TNA Universe.

According to predictions of theoretical cosmology, the TNA Universe was believed to exist somewhere on the periphery of the known WWE Universe, but it has thus far eluded detection.

“It seems the TNA Universe, if it exists at all, is just too small to be seen,” explained science popularizer Neil DeGrasse Tyson on a recent episode of television show¬†Cosmos.

“Perhaps it doesn’t exist at all.”

The TNA Universe has been a controversial prediction of string theory and quantum cosmology for the past decade, as  minor ripples in the WWE Universe have pointed toward the presence of particles known as jayreso bosons and kurtangle protons.

A new theory among astronomers instead posits the existence of a small TNA Asteroid, which orbits the WWE Universe but will eventually lose momentum and fizzle out of existence entirely.


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