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Brock Lesnar has been ashamed to admit that he doesn’t know what the word “stipulation” means.

Professional wrestler Brock Lesnar confessed today that, although he is supposed to name the stipulation for his upcoming WrestleMania match against nemesis Triple-H, he does not know what the word “stipulation” means.

For the past week, ever since Triple-H agreed to his challenge, Lesnar has been trying to figure out the meaning of the term.

Lesnar tried googling the term, but his search yielded no relevant results because he spelled it “step-you-lay-shun.”

He has been afraid to ask his manager and mouthpiece, Paul Heyman, because he is worried Heyman will make fun of his limited vocabulary.

Lesnar has concluded, by process of elimination, that “stipulation” is a fancy word for “time limit.” He intends to choose a one-hour “stipulation” for his match against Triple-H.