Lesnar Triple-H Stipulation
Brock Lesnar mistakenly chose a “bra and panties” match as the stipulation for his WrestleMania match against Triple-H.

Professional wrestler and former UFC champ Brock Lesnar made a regrettable error when choosing the stipulation for his upcoming WrestleMania showdown against Triple-H, accidentally choosing a “bra and panties match.”

Lesnar mistakenly checked the wrong box on an official match contract he signed this morning at World Wrestling Entertainment’s head office in Stamford, CT.

Earlier this week, Lesnar had agreed — via his mouthpiece, Paul Heyman — to a match against Triple-H, but only on the condition that Lesnar was allowed to choose the stipulation.

Lesnar had intended to select a “Last Man Standing” match, but somehow managed to select Bra & Panties instead. WWE lawyers insist the contract is now legally binding, and that the winner of the WrestleMania match will be the superstar who manages to disrobe the other down to lacy, feminine underwear.

Lesnar admits he was confused by all the complicated writing on the contract, and promises he’ll never again sign anything without Paul Heyman present.