Road to WrestleMania
The Road to WrestleMania is congested and full of jag-offs.

Despite the hype and lore surrounding it, the so-called Road to WrestleMania has been revealed to be merely the congested and ugly New Jersey Turnpike.

Fans of professional wrestling have long assumed that the Road to WrestleMania was a metaphor, referring to the annual crescendo of promotion and matchmaking leading up to World Wrestling Entertainment’s flagship pay-per-view event.

But a statement released this morning by WWE clearly states that the Road to WrestleMania is nothing more than the 122-mile-long toll highway — the sixth-busiest thoroughfare in the nation — that passes just south of the MetLife Stadium.

Many wrestling fans felt disillusioned by the announcement, since the phrase “Road to WrestleMania” previously had much grander connotations.

It turns out that that the “Highway to Hell” popularized by an AC/DC song also leads to New Jersey.